About us

We are very grateful for having successfully run our yoga studio in the Netherlands for more than ten years. It was an amazing time! Now we are enjoy living in Portugal. We are creating a beautiful place here where everyone is welcome for holidays at the The Living Yoga House.


I worked as a scientist for some years until I realized that I had to follow my intuition and radically change my way of life and my career. This was certainly one of the best decisions I ever took. Since then I’m leading a lifestyle close to my heart with authenticity, creativity and freedom. I’m very happy with the simple life we have here in Portugal, working on our land, growing vegetables and creating art.


For many years I was also working as a scientist, this is where I’ve met Sophie. She took me on some adventurous journeys and while travelling in India I had my first yoga experience. Back home I gave up my living room for Sophie’s yoga classes and quit my job. Now I’m living the good life here in Portugal, improving my surfing skills, growing fruit trees and renovating The Living Yoga House.

Come and visit us!